Friday, November 9, 2012

Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. 'far gone'

Rep. Ron Paul, whose maverick presidential bids shook the GOP, said in the wake of this week's elections that the country has already veered over the fiscal cliff and he sees no chance of righting ship in a country where too many people are dependent on government.
"We're so far gone. We're over the cliff," the Texas Republican told Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop" program. "We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do wise things." The video can be seen at
Mr. Paul, who is retiring after 12 terms in the House, said voters on Tuesday rejected Mitt Romney because he had opposed the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.

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  1. Ron paul bailed on us,after he made sure no other third party candidate had sufficient name identification to pose a threat to the dem/reps.

    1. Whatever his motive was, add me to the ones who were disappointed too. His second campaign for president and he ends up dropping out as he did first time around. I would have thought (and was expecting) he was going to endorse some third party candidate this time but alas no, nothing of the sort happened. I am sure if he had funneled all the enthusiasm and energy from his followers onto a third party candidate (endorsement) , the election results would have been way different. While a lot of people wrote in Ron Paul on their ballots, I think their vote was a wasted vote since many states didn't allow write in votes from what I heard. On the other hand, someone like Gary Johnson was on the ballot in at least 48 states. What's even more curious is that (as far as I know) Ron Paul has not made any comments explaining his lack of endorsing someone else.