Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Charges dropped against Toronto G-20 protester/ blogger Dan Kellar

G-20 protester

A Toronto prosecutor has withdrawn all charges against a Kitchener activist accused of harassing two undercover police officers who infiltrated activist groups before the G-20 summit.

Prosecutor Jason Miller withdrew charges of harassment, intimidation and counselling to commit assault against Dan Kellar in Toronto on Thursday.

Kellar had also been charged with defamatory libel for comments he made on a university-based website about the two undercover OPP officers.

He called officer Bindo Showan, who went by the name Khalid Mohamed, “a piece of filth’’ and urged others to “spit in his footsteps.’’

That charge was withdrawn earlier and new charges of harassing and intimidating the officers were laid.
Kellar said Thursday that the charges were “absurd’’ and “politically motivated.’’

“They got dropped because they were baseless and were meant to punish me,’’ he said. “I got arrested for criticizing the police.

“They’re using the legal system as their own tool to punish people extralegally, whether they did anything wrong or not.’’


Dan Kellar Arrested After Blog Post on G20 "Infiltrator"

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  1. intimidating the officers
    Jct: That's a wonderful new power for the police. I shot him because I felt intimidated. Keep in mind, Canada has its own Patriot Act waiting in the wings for a piece of dog dung like Stephen Harper to become dictator at the first bomb in a mailbox! (Like Pierre Trudeau tested when he took away my rights in the 1970s). So note, the guys ended up in jail, then the prosecutor withdrew the charge, and the cops go unpunished until they feel intimidated the next time.